Saturday, January 7, 2012

Allendale to Tots ~ The World is About to Have an Unprecedented Announcement ~ 1/7/2012

What follows below is a post from the Anonymous Channelings page as always read and decide for yourself its merit.:

January 7, 2012

[Hi Al.] Hi Tots, let’s begin with a message you can put on the blog. [Sounds great.]

Tonight I would like to discuss the plans for universal preparation for the Earth’s ascension. More than ever your planet is prepared to take the leap of all frogs (a wee bit of humor there). Not to make light but it is a leap year, aye? [Yes, it is!] Very good, so in this year you will have an extra day. And in this year you will have an extra dimension open to allow your energetic bodies to ascend, if you so wish.

First let’s be very clear. The ability to ascend is your free will choice. You choose it or delay choosing it. Finishing your souls’ 3-D plan is of upmost priority to God and Creator. Given the decree, those souls (be they black hatted, white hatted or anywhere in between) have the choice to remain in a 3-D experience or move to higher realms of vibration and frequency. The choice is made with Divine love either way. So, let me re-state that another way. Ascend now in the year of 2012 or ascend in another space in time. It all is blessed. Even these who do not appear ‘awake’ are making a very clear choice on a High Self or subconscious level. Quiet is the lamb who is closest to his master. [That seems somewhat profound, Allendale but I’m not following.] That means don’t judge those who seem the most sound asleep. [Oh, got it! Thank you!]

Have your eyes open, Lads and Lasses! The world is about to have an unprecedented announcement.

It will seem quiet as a contented lamb at first. Those of you awake will take notice. More announcements will come after the first and more will take notice. Some will experience fear but those who came into this life to lead will calm the masses. Each one of you is a leader, by the way. So get your shirt sleeves rolled up and be prepared to assist your brothers and sisters. Find your center and imagine peace.

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