Saturday, January 7, 2012

Allendale to Spike on the Protection of Light

Another Post from the Anonymous Channelings Page:

[Hello, may I speak to Allendale.] Yes, my darlin, I’m right here. What would you like to talk about? [Protection. Energetic, etheric protection.] Yes, what’s on your mind? [You said the tribe was very protected and that my protection extended to my neighborhood. Is that true for all lightworkers?]
No, there are some who are on the path, but whose light is still a bit dim. Protection and light go together. The more light you generate, the wider the circumference of protection. You and your group are generating quite a bit of light. Generally, the lightworkers who have developed themselves and can hold the light create a wide circle of protection. This is true for your immediate group and for a wider group who reads these messages.

Keeping your light high, strong and shiny is the best thing you can do to usher in the new age and to defeat the forces that want to stay put. I usually call them the dark ones, the cabal, but really, they’re just afraid. Little bitty mousies are they, deep down inside. Why else would they need to accumulate so much external defense? So much money, so much political and economic influence? Dominion over the resources of the world? It’s because they have no center. They are empty, hollow people. They look for themselves in their goods, their possessions, and there’s no there there! Nothing but emptiness, so they scramble for more, always more.

You and your lot are way show-ers. You demonstrate with your quiet daily lives the truth of existence: It’s an inside job. Your riches are in your heart and mind and soul. Own them, use them, flaunt them! Riches of the heart and soul. My, the cabal is jealous of those treasures. They seethe with resentment. They control the outer goods and have an empty storehouse inside. They see you reveling in your light and don’t know how to win the fight! They can only lose because they’re playing for the wrong prize. Shine your lights, my friends. It’s the secret weapon, makes our job so much easier. Allendale out.

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